5 Simple Valentine’s Day DIYs

Here are 5 super cute and simple Pinterest inspired Valentine’s DIYs for all ages!

  1. Confetti Painted Heart Mugs
DIY Confetti Painted Heart Mugs | TodaysCreativeBlog.netSupplies Needed:
  • Elmers Paint Markers
  • Sharpie Paint Pens – NOT MARKERS, but the paint pens.
  • White Mug
  • Self-Adhesive Paper
(if you use regular Sharpie markers you will have to bake the mug after the project)
My advice would be to use Valentine’s Day colors for this project, but of course you can use any color(s) of paint markers. You could make different shapes as well, such as a peace sign, a word, the letter of your first name etc.
You can purchase these paint markers at most craft stores- in store or online.
STEP 1: Cut your self-adhesive paper into the shape of a heart and remove protective backing. Apply the heart shape to your mug.
STEP 2: Dab dots around the edge of your heart in one color.
STEP 3: Repeat step 2 with a different color marker filling in empty spaces.
(I recommend only using 2 colors, but you can use as many as you like.)
The Sharpie Paint Pens dry a little faster, where as the Elmer’s Painters Markers took about 5 to 10 minutes.
DIY Confetti Painted Heart Mugs | TodaysCreativeBlog.netDIY Confetti Painted Heart Mugs | TodaysCreativeBlog.net
2. Star Wars Valentines
This one is super cute for a class Valentine exchange, and it’s SO simple!
All you need is to print out, and attach the labels to a bunch of Tic-Tacs. THAT’S LITERALLY IT!
Here is the link to the print-out for the Star Wars labels:
Star-Wars | Free Printable Star Wars Valentine's for the kids classroom or your friends and family.  Perfect for your Star Wars fans.3. DIY snack jars
This one is also super simple
cashews | raisins | Lemon Heads | Tootsie Rolls | Life Cereal | mini Ball canning jars | scrap papers
First, fill the jars with your goodies.
Place the lid on whatever paper you choose to use. Then cut your paper using your lid as a template.
Write on any Valentine related saying you want to, but I really like the ones in the example.
4. Personalized quote mug
For this DIY you need:
-your Sharpie paint pens from earlier
-any color mug
In this DIY you simply write any Valentine’s Day related quote on your mug.
diy sharpie mug
5. 52 things I love about you book
This idea works as a gift for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day!
All you need to do is simply take a deck of cards, and punch 2 holes in each card. Use 1 card as a cover, and come up with 52 things you like about a person. Finally tie the book together with strings, and give it to that special someone.

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