3 Cute Teen Room Decorations from Recycled Items

#1 Once it was an egg carton, now it’s a flower frame


~an empty egg carton (cardboard type)


~picture frame


First, you need to cut off a section (place for 1 egg). Next you want to make 4 cuts in the cardboard.  Glue 1 cut cardboard piece into the other until flower shape is formed. Glue this flower to your picture frame. Repeat these steps until your whole picture frame is covered in flowers. You are also more than welcome to paint the flowers too.

Picture from: http://www.diyndeco.com/diy-crazy-home-decor-ideas-anybody-can-do-in-budget/diy-crazy-home-decor-ideas-anybody-can-do-in-budget-14/#main

DIY Flower Egg Carton Frame diy craft crafts diy ideas home crafts valentines crafts teen crafts valentines day crafts. love crafts. - Such a nice way to re-purpose egg cartons! Looks nothing like the original material. Can use to border/ frame/ or individual decorations. Save egg cartons.:

#2 How to make a Chrysanthemum mirror


  • Circular mirror
  • Circular cardboard pieces
  • Hot glue
  • Plastic Spoons- white works best
  • your choice of spray paint colors

To start off you want to remove the handle on ALL of your plastic spoons. Now you want to glue the scoop part of the spoons to the cardboard pieces (stagger the placement of the spoons like shown below). Do this until the cardboard is completely covered in spoons. Here is where our spray paint comes in. Apply spray paint to the spoons however you like. In my opinion the ombre looks best. Finally insert your mirror in the middle, and your super awesome Chrysanthemum mirror is complete!


Cool Mirror Decor Idea for Teen Girl Bedroom | Plastic Spoon Mirror by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/easy-teen-room-decor-ideas-for-girls/

#3 Get organized with CD case drawer dividers

All you need for this one is,

Empty CD cases

Hot Glue

Open 2 CD cases so they form a 90 degree angle. Hot glue them together to form a box to put in the bottom of a drawer. You can make as many of these as you want to!


Get Organized With CD Case Drawer Dividers Activity



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